We exist to set captives free through the ministry of healing and evangelism in the name of Jesus Christ.

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As an apostolic ministry, we bring the good news of the gospel with the Word of God and the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit. Agape Freedom Fighters equips individuals, churches, regional prayer teams, and organizations with practical, theologically grounded training in the ministry of physical healing, inner healing, deliverance, and prophecy. We are an international, non-denominational, Christian organization specializing in teaching, equipping, and training leaders and laypeople to fulfill the vision of Jesus in Luke 9:11 and Matthew 10:7-8 where Jesus embraced the people, instructed them about the Kingdom of God, healed those in need, and commissioned them to do the same.

"When the crowds learned it, they followed him, and he welcomed them and spoke to them of the Kingdom of God and cured those who had need of healing." - Luke 9:11
"Preach, saying, 'the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.' Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Freely you received, freely you give." - Matt 10:7-8


Joanne (Jo) Moody was miraculously healed after 14 years of chronic nerve pain. Since then, she has raised up a kingdom family of over 100 trained ministers that are equipped to move in the power of the Holy Spirit and agape love. She now travels globally with them to equip both ministers and layman for the work of the Kingdom. 

"When we become a Kingdom, a family unified in the mission and vision of Jesus that all will be saved, delivered, and freed, there will be many more of us doing the work of the Holy Spirit en masse"

- Joanne Moody, Everyday Supernatural


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Reverend Joanne Moody is an ordained minister through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, Master Equipper through the Christian Healing Certification Program of Global Awakening, Christian Life Coach through Western Seminary’s Coaching Program and is certified through the International Coaching Federation. She leads healing teams, teaches, speaks, trains and equips leaders and lay people nationally and internationally in all types of ministry venues. Joanne has completed her first book, Minute by Minute , on living a life through adversity which covers her near-death experience and the miraculous healing of 14 years of debilitating nerve pain. Joanne lives in Rocklin, California, is happily married to Mike and loves being mom to son, Kian.

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Reverend Kathi Frye is the daughter of a Baptist minister and has been a leader in the local church for more than 20 years. She is trained as a healing minister and operates fluently in the prophetic. Currently she is a facilitator for Global Awakening Prophetic Certification Program. Kathi most enjoys raising up others to walk in their destiny in Jesus Christ, free from fear and religious confinement. She is a lover of the hurting, and seeks to bring each one into the arms of Jesus for healing, freedom and restoration. Kathi is married to worship leader, Casey and together they have three wonderful kids. Together, Casey and Kathi are highly sought after as teachers in the areas of Godly marriage, raising godly children and living in wisdom through the Word. The Frye family resides in Roseville, California.

Photo of Paul


As culture continually shifts, Paul desires to see the body of Christ partner with the Holy Spirit to reach the hearts of emerging generations. He is passionate about seeing people step into their calling as sons and daughters of God in the marketplace and in the church to see the kingdom of heaven go forth on earth. After experiencing his own miraculous healing in 2013, he was launched into learning and growing in the power of the Holy Spirit through healing, prophecy, and evangelism. His healing was a catalyst for growth in deep relationship with Jesus and for the development of his call to teach and equip others to advance the kingdom in power and love. Paul holds a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering and is the Director of Operations for the Agape Apostolic Equipping and Training Center. He currently resides in Santa Barbara with his wife, Madison. In his spare time you can find him surfing, taking photos, and enjoying coffee, food, music, and art.

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Darlene Hengel has been actively serving the Kingdom since childhood, singing with her family’s music ministry and helping her parents lead a Youth Group. After graduating high school, Darlene attended Intensive Christian Training School in Texas for 2 years before returning home and attending college. She graduated from Sacramento State University and subsequently earned a teaching credential. She has been active in Christian Education for over 20 years. She is healed from cancer and is active in healing ministry. She is co-leader in The Company of Warriors and leads Agape Intercessors. Darlene has been married for 30 years and has two children. Darlene is an avid long-distance cyclist and outdoor enthusiast with a passionate heart for the Kingdom.

Photo of Ed and Loritha


Ed Fitzpatrick holds a Master's degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. His professional career in mental health treatment began in 1991 and he has maintained a private counseling practice since 2013. Ed has received inner healing/prayer counseling training through Elijah House, Cleansing Streams, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, Shiloh Place Ministries and Agape Freedom Fighters. He possesses a strong desire and passion to see others emotionally and physically healed, as well as to see others embrace their true, God given identity and calling in life. Ed and Loritha were married in 1994 and have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Loritha has been a licensed midwife since 2001 and in private practice since 2004. She loves supporting and educating families almost as much as kissing fresh babies. She has also received training, alongside Ed through Cleansing Stream, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, Shiloh Place Ministries and Agape Freedom Fighters. She has a strong desire to see families healthy, stable and safe; where their children flourish. After living in the Philippines, Canada and 6 states, they are relieved to call the Pacific Northwest home since 2009.  When not working, Ed and Loritha value time with each other and making memories, which most of the time is spent exploring the outdoors with kayaking, biking, hiking and running.

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Doreen Morehouse is an instructor in physical healing, deliverance, emotional healing, and prophetic and certified master equipper at Global Awakening’s College of Ministry. She is also an active member of the Agape Freedom Fighters and Hearing the Heartbeat of God, as well as “kingdom investor” and “fire starter” with Circuit Riders, OC Worship Nights, and Kingdom Women. Doreen has over 25 years of experience leading bible study and discipleship groups, teaching children and adults, and serving her local community. In December 2016, Doreen met the Agape Freedom Fighters team on a trip with Global Awakening in Brazil and experienced the fullness of Christ, seeing blind eyes and deaf ears open, tumors disappear, lame walk, and many other healings and miracles. This ignited a passion in her to “awaken” hearts to “Kingdom Living”…where sharing the good news, healing the sick and brokenhearted, setting people free, renewing creativity and imagination, and loving extravagantly is the “Way of Life!" God has called her to be a mother, not just to her four children, but spiritually to help lead the next generation to embrace their full inheritance in Christ, live in intimacy with Him, and draw others to Him by moving in signs and wonders. Doreen and her husband have been married and best friends for 30 years and live with their family in Southern California

Photo of Kirk Pittman


Kirk Pittman is an ordained minister through the Agape Freedom Fighters Apostolic Network and has completed The L.I.F.E. Training Center which equips ordinary people to do extraordinary things by the power of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of exalting Jesus. He is currently enrolled in Global Awakening Theological Seminary pursuing a Master of Divinity. He is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus as he serves as a Certified Volunteer Chaplain’s Assistant, Prayer Minister, and Equipper at a 1500-inmate maximum security jail in his hometown of Lubbock, Texas. He also travels around the world as a missionary with Agape Freedom Fighters sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God and demonstrating the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit. Kirk has been married to his sparky wife Melanie for 15 years, has 3 perfect dogs, and enjoys backyard barbecuing.


Who are Agape Freedom Fighters?

We are a diversified family of believers in Jesus Christ on an apostolic mission

Our commission is to bring the full supernatural gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation through equipping and training in the gifts of the Spirit and expanding the kingdom of heaven in every sphere of cultural influence. Jesus gave the commission in Matthew 28 for those who believe in His name and authority to bring the gospel to every nation making those nations disciples through teaching them to do all that Jesus commanded us to do.  

As an apostolic ministry, we bring the good news of the gospel with the Word of God and the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit. Agape training programs are designed to equip individuals, church and regional prayer teams with practical, theologically grounded training in the ministry of physical healing, inner healing, deliverance, and prophecy. We teach individuals to move within the 5-fold ministry operating in preaching, teaching, evangelism, prophecy and apostolic servanthood as well as discipleship, leadership and building powerful Kingdoms teams that run together as a family. We are an international, non-denominational, Christian organization specializing in teaching, equipping and training leaders and laypeople to fulfill the vision of Jesus in Luke 9:11 and Matthew 10:7-8 where Jesus embraced the people, instructed them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need.

How was Agape Freedom Fighters founded?

On August 13, 2013, Joanne Moody was healed of  debilitating nerve damage having undergone 13 surgeries and a near death experience. When she received her miracle healing through the power and authority of the prayers of an ordinary man she had no understanding that Jesus would heal people through another believer. She enrolled in Dr Randy Clark’s online school and launched Agape Freedom Fighters with her friend Michelle Gannon. The desire was to give away all she was learning just as Matthew 10:7-8 says.

Where are the Agape Freedom Fighters?

Agape Freedom Fighters is a group of trained prayer team members who travel as an apostolic ministry team. As of 2022 there are over 120 team members located in 9 countries worldwide. Our team continues to grow through our Agape Apostolic Equipping and Training Center L.I.F.E. School and through linking arms with others trained in seminaries and supernatural schools around the world.

Can anyone travel with the Agape Freedom Fighters?

Agape Freedom Fighters trips are open to those who are team members. Each team member of Agape Freedom Fighters has received extensive team training. Ministry trips are not open for anyone to join. Each Agape Freedom Fighters team member is required to attend the AAETC L.I.F.E School or equivalent training approved by the AFF Board of Directors.

Does Agape Freedom Fighters have a church or location?

Agape Freedom Fighters does not currently have a location. Franklin, TN is our mailing address, but Agape Freedom Fighters has team members in over 9 countries worldwide.

How can I get involved with Agape Freedom Fighters?

If you desire to receive the same training as the Agape Freedom Fighters team, please connect with our L.I.F.E. School.

If you desire to invite Jo Moody and the Agape Freedom Fighters to your church or ministry, please fill out this form.

Can I receive training from Agape Freedom Fighters?

Our L.I.F.E. school provides you the same training as our Agape Freedom Fighters Team. This online school was created to teach each area of the ministry of the gospel of the good news through physical healing, inner healing, deliverance and prophecy. 

Your church, ministry or business may also invite Agape FF to equip your congregation, staff or team in a mini-L.I.F.E. School.  

Agape Apostolic Equipping an Training Center L.I.F.E. School will also be launching mini training workshops online and in person in Franklin, TN beginning summer 2023. Please check our website frequently for updates on launch.



Sign up to recieve a free, digital mini course from our L.I.F.E School. This training, titled "Identity: Orphan to Sonship" will help you find your identity in Christ and operate in the authority of Christ to see salvation and healing in your day-to-day life.