Should You Sign Up for Revive?

Do you want to grow in being activated in the Love, Identity, Freedom and Empowerment of Jesus but have very little free time? We have a new 8-week program called Revive!  In this program, you will learn and grow with the Holy Spirit at your own pace. It is accessible, convenient, and powerful! You will have access to life-transforming videos and activations, and you will answer thought-provoking questions designed to move you into deeper intimacy with God. 


What is the importance of discovering the Father’s Love, living from your Identity in Christ, walking in Freedom, and living Empowered? When you encounter and live out of the Father’s love, you have the power to transform the world around you. Your identity in Christ Jesus is foundational to living a life of freedom and empowerment where everything you do flows from God’s immeasurable love towards you. The Holy Spirit is the One who empowers you to experience the joy and peace that accompanies the freedom of every believer and equips you to set others free. Every believer was meant to live the reality of Acts 2 — the power of the Holy Spirit to preach and demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom through miracles, signs, and wonders is the inheritance of everyone who calls upon the name of Jesus Christ.


The cost for the entire course is $99, which includes 5 topics of study: Walking in Freedom: From Orphan to Sonship, Anchored, From Identity to Authority and Power, The Image Bearers of God, and Excellence, Not Perfection. If you would like to learn and grow in all of these areas, please click on the registration link below to sign up!