I know from experience that we can trust God in the mess.

I love order and routine.

I love lists.

I like to plan my day.

Some of you spontaneous ones will groan at this. Some of you will smile and relate.

Whatever way the Lord made us, I know that we all go through times when our personal world gets turned upside down. It could be a new baby, a new culture, or a new medical report. For me right now, it’s accompanying my husband through major heart surgery and recovery. Life as we have known it has almost completely disappeared. It’s downright scary at times. We’ve had to let go of so much, change so much. And into this bewildering wilderness I hear the Lord’s whisper: See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Isaiah 43:19. 

I know from experience that we can trust God in the mess. He has reminded me that the new thing He is doing will emerge in His time. He is always faithful. So, if your landscape has suddenly changed, be encouraged. Even in the most unlikely circumstances, the Lord Who loves you is at work in your life for your good and His glory - way beyond what we can see or imagine. 

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