How do you pray thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven?

How do you pray thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven?

Recently I had an opportunity to pray with someone who was very sick. While I had prayed for that person and shared the Word with them, they were still experiencing really dramatic swings in their symptoms. No fever changing to a high fever; nausea to no nausea; body aches, ear pain, etc.

I prayed in tongues (spiritual language of the Holy Spirit) for a few minutes and then in English seeking wisdom on what to pray.  John 5:19 says, "Jesus said what He heard the Father say and did what He saw the Father do." The human body was created by Him. 

The Lord gave me a picture in my mind of "cells" [*] in the body listening to the words He was giving me to speak.

[*Generally, cells are round, spherical or elongated. Some cells are long and pointed at both ends. They exhibit a spindle shape. Cells sometimes are quite long. Some are branched like the nerve cell or a neuron. The nerve cell receives and transfers messages.The different shapes are related to their specific functions.]

He was reminding them of the covenant He made on the cross that included healing. [Isaiah 53:5, ". . . by His stripes you are healed."]

I could see expressions on the "cells" as if confused listening to such authority. The command was spoken to do the job they were created to do and they then went on their way to bring healing throughout the body. The individual felt the fever leave and symptoms begin to subside. 

I later asked the person how they were doing. This is text  conversation that followed:

"Half-and-half _ _ _
Nights are always harder"

I spoke the words I heard the Holy Spirit say,

"Hello cells!"
and I could hear their response - "Yes"

Once I had their attention, I said, "Are you doing your job?"

I could hear, "What am I suppose to do again?"

I responded saying, "We talked about this. Do the job you were created to do and stop listening to the enemy.

I have plans for _ _ _ life. Plans for good and not destruction. Stop whining and procrastinating and do your job. No excuses!"

I sent the text and was told later it set that person free. The Lord revealed a picture to them of "cells" in a prison and the door was open and they were set free. They could feel their strength and energy returning as the "cells" were responding. 

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